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Dead Resin Club cover 2.png

Dead Resin Club is a creative business managed and founded by Amy Hoult in 2018. Combining Amy's interest in the material values of resin and its preserving nature, with her emotive artistic expression and obsession with the temporal, Dead Resin Club was born. Dead Resin Club encases various objects and materials within resin, currently focusing on the skull form with its connotations of death and loss, creating something unique and intricately detailed from perceived morbidity. 


Dead Resin Club also gives customers the opportunity to provide something they would like to keep forever in these beautiful handcrafted time capsules. Dead Resin Club products are currently available to purchase via Etsy, at the Coffin Works Museum in Jewellery Quarter and the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham.

For more information visit @DEADRESINCLUB on Instagram or Facebook.

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