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Four Months 2016 / It Deteriorates 2017


Lipstick, white cotton fabric clothing, print


An intimate performance representative of a relationship, the gradual loss of interest and the physical and emotional strain it consists of. Initially titled with the time frame a relationship for the artist usually takes to lose its ‘spark’, a marker when it is expected to end. The act of ‘going down’ forwards the sexual connotations the whole performance consists of, as well as the positions and the use of the bed, while also discussing the mental state of someone losing a person in a relationship. By the end Amy was covered in lipstick, her hair was a mess and she was drained, representative of the aftermath of both sex and a relationship.

A year later Amy decided to expand on the piece, using text that had been said to her by people she was close to. Mirroring the kissing piece the text starts off relatively positive, gradually turning negative the further down it goes, as the kissing stops the words become more hurtful. Amy wanted to contrast the gradient between the two pieces, where the kiss marks start off boldly red, the text is light pink, symbolising the softness of the words and the intense physical passion. The harsher and more hurtful the quotes become the darker the colour gets, almost reflective of a bruise. In turn the relationship deteriorates to nothing. 

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