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Lost and Found

Lost and Found (2018) is a community project created and facilitated by Amy Hoult, in association with the National Partners Program between the Arts Council Collection and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. 

In an engaging one day event the public were invited to physically and emotionally up-cycle lost property left at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and have it displayed as a new art collection within the Museum. Initiated by her own hoarding nature Amy began to collect lost property that had been unclaimed and forgotten, the odd plastic cow or stuffed cat, and realised that all of these things could become an artwork in themselves.


Lost and Found became a conversation open to anyone, of any age, and any background to consider what they have lost, and what can be remade. We project emotions onto objects, and in turn create relationships with items that to anyone else would seem worthless, some of the lost items once meant a lot to people and that they have been forgotten makes us inexplicably sad. By using fun arts and crafts alongside Amy's emotive art style, a communal exhibition was created. 

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