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Mindful Collage

The Mindful Collage Session was created in association with the Arts Council Collection and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, due to high demand it has become a regular workshop in Birmingham planned and facilitated by Amy. With the intention of creating a safe and welcoming space, Mindful Collage incorporates a relaxing arts experience with ambient music and thought provoking content and conversation.

The first Mindful Collage Session was situated in the exhibition Women Power Protest at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in January of 2019. Resources were specifically tailored to relate to the exhibition and ranged from vintage erotica to controversial ad campaigns containing the 'domesticated woman'.


Other workshops were created for local charities such as Birmingham LGBT, the city's leading charity advocating for and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities in Birmingham. Each workshop was specifically customised for the focus groups, creating new conversations on gender roles and stereotypes in the LGBTQ community.


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